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Frequently asked questions

Notre façon de travailler

How much does a stair cost?

For a proper price quotation, we need the following information: Address + mobile and/or phonenumber Plan of the house: ground plan of all floors + at least 1 section If it’s a renovation and ...

Can I contact you for custom work?

Sure. Intec is known for its highly skilled craftsmen. On the website you can find several works designed by the customer or architect himself.

Do you also make stairs and railings in materials other than stainless steel?

Our staircases are made ​​mainly from stainless steel with wood, glass, stone or stainless steel steps. But we can and will, on request of the customer, perform in untreated, coated or ...

Do your stairs and railings meet the safety standards?

Our stairs and railings are of course always conducted according to current standards. The customer can however, on his responsibility, deviate.

How can I protect my wooden steps during construction?

We recommend the use of ribbed cardboard, paper or cloth to cover the steps. Plastic is not recommended, as this can cause condensation, with staining or discoloration of the timber as a ...

When do you measure?

For measuring a staircase the plastering should be completed. We also need to know the levels, or the chape must be cast (and the thickness of the finish must be known). A ...

When the stairs are placed?

In general, the stair is placed at the end of the construction period, when the floor is already there. However, this can vary, depending on the choosen stair. This will be ...

What is the payment term?

30% in advance, eight days after order confirmation and 60% at last 2 weeks before placement. The rest with final bill.

What is the delivery period?

Generally you must take into account a delivery of 6 to 8 weeks after the measurement. In exceptional cases we can vary. Consult us on time in that case.

What does a quote cost?

We offer you free of charge a quote for stairs, railings, and custom. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Are the wooden steps pretreated?

Our staircases with wooden steps are delivered with treated steps. This way you will not worry the first years.
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